Operations Management: 4 ways to optimize your clinic processes

Operations Management

Operations Management: 4 ways to optimize your clinic processes

Operations management is a necessary and effective strategy for controlling the activities of a clinic. Its fundamentals and applications are notorious for managers who deal with health costs routinely.

However, it is essential to fully exercise these processes to be sure of the situational diagnosis and propose corrective and preventive measures, according to the clinical and financial profile of the institution.

Want to know how to optimize your clinic’s operations management? So, don’t miss the tips that we will give you below!


1. Analyze current processes

Operations management should prioritize the evaluation of care, surgical and administrative activities to identify the efficiency of processes or cost reduction in the short, medium and long term.

One of the ways to obtain these results is through adequate indicators that obtain data on productivity based on the number of consultations and procedures performed, or information on disallowances and product losses due to expiration date.

Based on this global analysis, managers can set resolute goals to recover inefficient processes, or bold strategies that set the institution apart from other competitors in the market.

2. Optimize inventory control

The management of pharmaceutical ingredients is one of the critical points of a clinic. This is because, when done incorrectly, it brings accumulation of items without movement and lack of others considered essential for the operation of the company.

One of the ways to alleviate this problem is to survey the items with the greatest movement and relate them to the degree of importance in the routine, also listing those that have substitutes, and those whose lack significantly impairs the clinical routine.

In addition, it is essential to work with software that matches the clinic’s profile, as well as employees with extensive experience to avoid financial losses that compromise the clinic’s sustainability.

3. Make constant updates

Operations management is a tool that needs constant updates on its processes. This is because, over the years and the massive incorporation of technology, some procedures become obsolete.

Therefore, it is interesting to know the main technological resources available for the routines of the clinic, verify the feasibility of implementation, analyze the costs of this endeavor and choose the most appropriate supplier for this.

It is also important that managers update their knowledge, especially in relation to the new requirements of legislation and  techniques for improving the relationship with the patient .

4. Invest in technological resources

The advent of technology has brought assistance, administrative and managerial benefits to medical clinics. An example of this is the computerized control of clinical procedures, the Operations Management insertion of electronic medical records and the digital processing of hospital bills.

However, managers must seek technological resources with security in the transmission and storage of clinical data , which really bring advantages to the routine, as in the cases of outsourcing medical reports , or the possibility of scheduling appointments online — strategies that are highly accepted by patients.

In addition, they should seek professional references so as not to implement a technology that is inefficient or that will require frequent external consulting – which theoretically would increase the costs of the clinic.

Operations management performed efficiently must be constantly analyzed by managers. In this sense, critical evaluation through indicators, survey of technological resources that can be implemented, and financial costs incurred. In short, all factors must be examined before making a decision.

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How process automation can streamline your clinic routine

Nowadays it is very difficult to find companies that do not use some type of technology to facilitate some work routines — with medical clinics it could not be different.

Paper agendas, manual patient registration and other processes that require a lot of time and effort can be automated, streamlining the clinic routine and optimizing results, without the need for a high investment.

Want to know more about how process automation can streamline your clinic’s routine? Then check out these five tips we’ve prepared for you.

1 – Agility in scheduling appointments

Implementing an automated appointment scheduling system, in addition to streamlining the clinic’s routine, is much more practical for your client, especially if this scheduling system can be done online.

Nowadays people avoid using the phone at all costs, firstly because it is more expensive and secondly because it takes a lot of time, so an online booking and cancellation system can be a big differentiator. In addition, this type of tool allows you to have greater control over your schedule, being able to organize slots in cases of withdrawal and optimize service.

2 – Agility in issuing reports

An automated system allows the issuance of reports to be faster. Currently, there are tools that allow exams to be automatically forwarded, making the reports available more quickly. In addition, the Operations Management  computerization of this service avoids human errors, which brings more credibility to your clinic. An example of automation is remote reporting .

3 – Improved work dynamics

With the automation of services that required manpower, your employees will have more time to dedicate themselves to other demands of the clinic, such as purchasing material, contacting customers and researching suppliers. If you have few employees, or if you are responsible for all these procedures, Operations Management process automation is even more important, as it will greatly reduce your effort and allow you to have more control over the management of your clinic.

4 – Optimization of financial management

Automating the financial system significantly improves control over your clinic’s revenue. Expense and profit entries need to be accessible, Operations Management organized and secure for efficient financial control. For this there are some very efficient applications and programs. Control over financial management allows you to better apply your investments, know which expenses can be cut or reduced and also allows you to issue slips, invoices and greater control over delinquency.

5 – Improved inventory control

Another process Operations Management that can be automated is inventory control. This allows you to better manage what goes in and out of stock, control product expiration dates, know who your suppliers are and make more conscious purchases, so you save money and improve the clinic’s performance.

It is important to note that all this can be implemented without requiring a very high investment. Look for good professionals and rely on the equipment you already have to further reduce your costs.

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